Good morning Aamir,

Apologies but I don't think I'm making myself entirely clear. OR, I am clear, but I am not understanding your answer with full clarity :). Let me try again. So far, I have published a total of 14 stories as Maria Newsom. 13 of them I am very happy to have this name, my true name, attached to it. One story however, is about the alcoholism and going forward, I would prefer such stories to be published under another name, using a different profile picture. I did read your article carefully, but it is not yet clear to me if and how this is possible. However I do very much like the idea of being able to read and comment on stories without these threads appearing as published "stories" along with my other legit stories. I apologize if I am burdensome, and I'm happy to take my questions to Medium support if this gets to be too much! Appreciate your help to date and Happy Sunday!